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Evie is a Discord bot that helps you manage your Discord server.

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Banned tristan (97470053615673344) indefinitely for not clutching up.Member: tristan#0005 (97470053615673344)
Action: Ban
Reason: not clutching up
Evie | punishment


Evie features a very powerful moderation engine, allowing you to ban, kick, temp role, timeout, and more.

Imported here.Please follow these server rules!This is a friendly server, please only utilize profanity to a minimum. Remember to be respectful towards everyone and do not cause, create or bring controversy to this server.This is an English server, please do not speak in any other languages as this can make it hard for the staff to moderate and hard for other members to understand what you are trying to say.We strictly follow Discord Community Guidelines, any violation against Discord's ToS & guidelines will result in a ban.No spamming, advertising, or NSFW content. Don't be a jerk or generally obnoxious, nobody likes a troller.If you are caught direct messaging someone from this server breaking these rules you will still be punished.


Evie comes with heaps of helpful utilities to construct your server, lookup information, and more.